• Mission & Impact

We are Equal Innovation

Equal Innovation is the leading intermediary connecting startups associated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals with investors, corporations, philanthropy, and government. Founded in 2016, Equal Innovation has a team of Scouts around the world focused on identifying world-class innovations and entrepreneurs and connecting them to resources and partners. We have worked around the world – from the United States to India, the Middle East, Europe, Canada and with the United Nations worldwide. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte, Genpact and Mahindra, the world’s largest foundations and NGOs such as the Hilton Foundation and Fidelity Foundation, and governments including the United States, India, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. The team has worked at the highest levels of government, leading global companies and top academic innovation centers.

In 2023, Equal Innovation supported the G20 Global Leader’s Summit and the UN General Assembly / Clinton Global Initiative. Equal Innovation plans to continue at future multilateral summits as a global network of innovation centers, accelerators and impact-oriented entrepreneurs aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and addressing global challenges.