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  • Startup Partnerships with
    Equal Innovation

 At Equal Innovation, we are dedicated to supporting startups and entrepreneurs on their journey to create innovative solutions and make a positive impact on society. Partnering with us provides startups with valuable resources, expertise, and connections to propel their ventures to success. 


  • Access to Resources: As a startup partner, you gain access to a vast network of resources, including proof of concept centres, accelerators, and research technology transfer offices. We connect you with the right innovation ecosystem to support your growth and development. 
  • Expert Mentorship: Our team of experienced professionals and industry experts provides mentorship and guidance to startups. We help you refine your ideas, develop effective business strategies, and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. 
  • Global Exposure: Partnering with Equal Innovation opens doors to global opportunities. We work to connect startups with potential partners, investors, and customers from around the world, expanding your reach and impact. 
  • Social Impact Focus: We are committed to supporting startups with a focus on social impact. If your venture aims to address social or environmental challenges, partnering with Equal Innovation can provide the necessary support and recognition.  

How We Empower Startups

  • Proof of Concept & Acceleration: Benefit from our 5A Framework to validate your ideas and create pathways for implementation and scale. 
  • Global Network & Visibility: Leverage our vast network of innovation centers and research labs to gain traction and connect with potential partners. 
  • Strategic Consulting & Mentorship: Tap into our expertise and mentorship to refine your strategies and navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. 

Examples of Successful Partnerships

  • Revolutionizing Healthcare: Cura, a startup offering telemedicine services, partnered with Equal Innovation to expand its reach to underserved rural areas. Through the partnership, Cura connected with healthcare providers and investors, enhancing its impact on remote communities. 
  • Media Innovation: Matchbook AI, a media tool for evaluating truth from fiction, partnered with Equal Innovation to gain exposure in the media industry. This collaboration helped Matchbook AI refine its technology and secure partnerships with major media organizations. 
  • Sustainable Agriculture: S4S, a startup focused on developing low-cost tools for farmers in India, partnered with Equal Innovation to access funding and expertise. This partnership enabled S4S to scale its products and promote sustainable farming practices. 
  • Transforming Healthcare: MIT Project Prana, a breakthrough ventilator initiative, partnered with Equal Innovation to bring its innovation to a global scale. Through the partnership, MIT Project Prana's ventilator became a game-changer during pandemics, benefiting numerous patients simultaneously.