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Roundtable Discussion - Focus: Sarawak

 Date: June 18th & 19th, 2024  
Time: 10:00AM - 12:00PM MST / 10:00PM - 12:00AM EDT
 Location: Online

Event Highlights

Cengage/National Geographic and Equal Innovation invite you to a two-part seminar intended to drive discussion and awareness around education technologies and strategies to improve educational outcomes among learners in Sarawak and all of Malaysia. Education technologies based on research & development provide better, more impactful products and services for people to learn. Secondly, innovative technology, when translated into products and services by entrepreneurs, can often create significant cost savings so that they are affordable to the majority of people. The virtual forum will feature insights about education today, with a particular focus on sustainability, connecting to Sarawak Vision 2030 and the Malaysia PCDS development plan.

We will bring together a multi-disciplinary group of actors, including leading government officials from the federal government of Malaysia and the state of Sarawak, where Cengage already partners with local education agencies, as well as education officials from the United Nations, foreign governments, ed tech startups, philanthropists and investors. Remarks will also be provided by a National Geographic Explorer. Over the course of the seminar, speakers will discuss and address the following topics:

  • Artificial intelligence in education
  • Employability in a sustainable economy
  • Forest preservation approaches and training
  • Early childhood education – a successful case partnership between the State of Sarawak and Cengage/National Geographic

Equal Innovation

Equal Innovation is a organization at the forefront of driving innovation through strategic collaborations, partnering with 3500+ innovation and entrepreneurship centers worldwide to identify solutions to major global challenges. Previously, Equal Innovation has worked around the world – from the United States to India, the Middle East, Europe,Canada and with the United Nations worldwide.

National Geographic Learning

Our mission is to prepare citizens to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their education, careers, and personal lives – and to become the future leaders the world needs. We are dedicated to empowering people to take action for sustainable development and applaud Sarawak's goal of developing a globally competent workforce that enjoys economic prosperity, social inclusivity, and sustainable development.