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    "We believe that innovation and entrepreneurs are
    everywhere.   And that every idea deserves a chance."

An Equal Innovation collaboration with National Geographic Learning
The roundtable was an exploration of solutions to the environmental challenges facing Sarawak, Malaysia which brought together some truly stellar speakers, thought leaders and innovators from Malaysia and around the world. Read the post on LinkedIn for more

IMPACT-WB24X took place during the 2024 World Bank Spring Meetings
This convergence of minds and resources lived up to it's promise as a pivotal moment in the global pursuit of progress, with a focus on three critical domains: education, climate sustainability, and health and wellness.

Silicon India names Equal Innovation "Most Promising Company Founded or Managed By Indians in U.S. 2023"

“Its an honor to be named to Silicon India’s prestigious list of promising companies founded by an Indian”, said Nish Acharya, CEO of Equal Innovation.  “It’s urgent that we identify innovations that improve the human condition or preserve our planet and connect these entrepreneurs to the partners they need to achieve impact.”

In addition to the identification and scouting of relevant innovations, startups and entrepreneurs, Equal Innovation is involved in important global events where startups can directly influence policy makers, including the G20, COP28, UNGA and the World Bank meetings.  In September 2023, Equal Innovation hosted Impact-G20X in Delhi during the G-20 Summit featuring President Biden and Prime Minister Modi, among others.  Over the course of 2 days, 40 startups, representing 15 nations presented their innovative technologies and products in sectors aligned to several of the key topics on the official agenda at the G20, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, climate change, sustainable business and supply chains, and global health preparedness. 
Read the full press release here.

Equal Innovation hosted over 40 startups at G20-backed event in New Delhi over two days. Here's what some of the participants had to say:


Through our relationships with universities, accelerators, research labs, hospitals and research institutes worldwide, we provide our partners with the most current insights into ground-breaking research, emerging startups and vibrant innovation ecosystems to complement their own innovation programs.

Startup Analysis

A key part of the platform is a standards-based rating system for the innovators and startups. There is often significant difference between an academic researcher with a prototype in her lab and the startup that has raised funds and serves paying customers. Today, there is no way for investors, corporations or large hospitals to know which technology or startup is best suited for their level of investment or resources.


Through our customized research platform and standards-based rankings, Equal Innovation provides the best recommendations for organizations seeking to deploy the latest technology, products or services in their fields.

Embracing Innovation

Equal Innovation partners with large organizations to design and manage accelerators, entrepreneurship programs and proof of concept centers. Over the decade, there has been a revolution in the way that innovative ideas, technology and research go from the field or lab into the global market. The world is embracing innovation and entrepreneurship as the means by which economic value is created and lingering problems in society are solved.

Practical Experience

With over 20 years of experience helping launch and run entrepreneurship programs, the team at Equal Innovation works closely with its partners to create unique innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization programs that identify innovation, conduct proof of concept initiatives and create pathways for the rollout and scale of new technology and innovation in the enterprise.

Diverse Industries

Equal Innovation has experience with accelerator management across multiple emerging sectors including tech startups, base-of-the-pyramid innovation, academic research commercialization, impact sourcing, social entrepreneurship, public policy innovation, and international development.

Strategic Consulting

Equal Innovation consults with organizations worldwide in the areas of strategic planning, program development and management, measurement and evaluation, thought-leadership and advocacy and leadership developmen

Measurement & Evaluation

Equal Innovation has worked with foundations, companies and large NGOs to evaluate their programs in areas as diverse as education, heath care, fundraising, innovation and mapping to the Sustainable Development Goals.  We have a unique evaluation model focused on growth and impact.

Thought Leadership

Equal Innovation has also helped its partners to advocate effectively through thought-leadership in the media and at global forums such as the UN General Assembly and World Economic Forum. Through its networks, Equal Innovation reaches mainstream and targeted media, key leaders in multilateral organizations and executives in the Fortune 500, Big Philanthropy and governments worldwide.

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