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Impact Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship

EIC also advises governments and companies to create entrepreneurial ecosystems.  As the global economy moves towards knowledge-driven industries, policy makers, philanthropists and leading corporations are seeking boost the capabilities of their regions to commercialize research, train entrepreneurs, attract investors and build an ecosystem buzzing with startup activity, innovation, mentorship and high-growth companies.  

The team at ​Equal Innovation Consulting has experience across multiple emerging sectors including accelerator development, base-of-the-pyramid innovation, research commercialization, impact sourcing, social entrepreneurship, political advisory, policy development, and international development. 

The story of US-India relations is one of unfulfilled potential. Despite their common commitment to democracy, diversity, and free markets, their short- and long-term objectives do not align in a way that would create a robust economic and political partnership. These two nations, which will soon be the second and the third largest economies in the world, must find ways to increase their economic integration over the next 15 years through building institutional capacity, creating a startup culture, and using India's talent pool to resolve complex problems. 

​​​​Transformational Philanthropy & CSR

​Equal Innovation Consulting (EIC) is a global consulting firm that develops and implements strategies to further innovation, entrepreneurship and impact around the world.  EIC works with companies, startups, foundations, governments and non-profits to build their capacity to innovate solutions, develop leaders and bring their products, services and programs to the markets they serve and the communities they support.  

EIC is currently advising multinational companies and foundations to more effectively use their CSR and philanthropy to increase the impact of NGO’s, social entrepreneurs, or regional development efforts.  It also devices strategies for funders to deploy base-of-the-pyramid innovation effectively with the right partners in the nations they work in.

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New Book Release: "The India-U.S. Partnership: $1 Trillion by 2030"

Engaging the question of bilateral partnership from the perspectives of investment, public policy, and philanthropy, Acharya delves into ways in which India can approach the goal of $1 trillion worth of economic ties with the US by 2030. Backed by 62 interviews of leaders from business, government, civil society, and the academia and 16 case studies on the growing impact of American organizations on the Indian economy, this study highlights organizations that are inspirational models for their sectors and are aiming at realizing a trillion-dollar, long-term economic partnership between India and America. 

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