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Today's Social Entrepreneur: Inspired By Gandhi, Taught By Prahalad, Leading Like Yunus

September 19, 2019

2019 is the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth. Social entrepreneurs are still inspired and awed by what he achieved, but now also look to business as the path to achieve impact.

Why Ed Tech Is Finally Reaching Its Potential

June 23, 2019

The ISTE annual conference is currently underway in Philadelphia. Ed techs like EnglishHelper are achieving scale by leveraging the dispersion of mobile technology, Internet connectivity and artificial intelligence to provide solutions to students that are improving learning outcomes worldwide

Why Corporate America Finally Embraced Silicon Valley

May 31, 2019

Corporate innovation is changing to more closely mimic Silicon Valley. Its leading to more open innovation, community collaboration and broader visions. From GM to John Sculley to Blue Ocean Strategy, large companies are trying many different approaches.

Small Business Are Having A Bigger Impact On Job Creation Than Large Corporations

May 15, 2019

High impact small businesses and startups are creating new jobs in the American economy. Early-stage startups and large companies not as much. Our job-creation strategies must reflect that.

A Progressive Agenda For Entrepreneurship And Job Creation in America

March 14, 2019

The key barriers keeping Americans from launching the next great startup are student loan debt, concern about keeping health insurance and access to capital. The current progressive political agenda aligns perfectly with America's need to jump start entrepreneurship, and therefore, job creation.

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I am a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress and the author of the “The India-US Partnership: $1 Trillion By 2030” by Oxford University Press. I also lead a firm that assists large organizations with their innovation strategies. Follow me @nishacharya. I previously served as Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Commerce for the Obama Administration, as Executive Director of the Deshpande Foundation, and in the Clinton White House.